I write nonfiction, children’s books, screenplays, and poetry

Other Writing

Translation of Ladder in Spanish by Sara Camhaji (2024)

Translations from A Flag of No Nation into Turkish by Nesi Altaras in Avlaremos (2023)

Editor’s note to the Holy Folio, Ayin Press (2023)

Translation of “Ladder” into Hebrew by Reut Ben Yaacov, Ho! (2022); purchase journal here

“The Longer it Drags on, the Less it’s About You,” conversation with Nat Sufrin, FENCE (2022)

Excerpt of “Losslessness” & “An Arrow / A Wing,” Zaman Collective (2021)

“Obstacle of Myth / Myth of Obstacle,” Asylum Arts Blog (2020)

“Ladder,” Jewish currents (2019)

“The Hamsa Flag (Second Edition),” Unruly Blog (2018)

“The Hamsa Flag,” PROTOCOLS (2017)

“The silvered man said when I was in the mines” and “They wanted to tell more. But they were tired,” Eleven Eleven (2017)

Didactic Poems, Fence (2017)

“Index I: Prefix,” Montez Press (2017)

Excerpt from “Island,” Black Sun Lit (2016)

Excerpt from “Pop-Up Blocker” and “Island”, Group Huddle 4 Zine (2016)

Sakura Review Vol. 7 (2016)

Excerpt from “Pop-Up Blocker,” FEELINGS (2016)

“Figures of Big Data,” Prelude Magazine

QUIDDLE, School of Making Thinking Journal (2016)

Vicarious Treatment (2015)

Excerpt from Flag of No Nation, Conjunctions (2015)

Until Now (2014)

Mystic Zine (2014)

Columbia’s URBAN (2012)