June 28, 2018, Imbala Cafe, Jerusalem
Co-host of discussion on “Imagining Shared Futures,” about imagining ideas for shared futures in Israel/Palestine. Topics include Jacqueline Kahanoff’s work, her concept of Levantism, the political movement A Land for All, and the Hamsa Flag project.

July 2016, Matthew Gallery, NYC
A reading at Matthew Gallery in Manhattan, as a culmination of a week long residency for the KAF Collective sponsored by Montez Press.

March 20, 2016, James Gallery, NYC
The second of Kaf’s gatherings in the James Gallery at CUNY Graduate Center is Tom Haviv’s A Flag of No Nation, a series of performances and installations revolving around a nationless flag and a series of poems based on the writing of Sol LeWitt. This evening’s performance will be a collaborative engagement with the text and flag that will include readings and dance.

With Jules Bakshi, Anaïs Maviel and Öykü Tekten